Pre printed

Knowing the inconveniences generated by humidity in paper during laser printing, Su Papel S.A. Offset Pre Printed Division manufactures their products in acclimatized premises with controlled temperature and humidity.

Pre printed paper reels are delivered to customer duly packed, with their corresponding side or rosette wrapping sealed with stretch. Besides, the pre printed paper reams are delivered packed with thermally contractible material and protected by a polyester bag in by 5 paper reams corrugated cardboard boxes.

Our Offset presses have an ink drying system by UV lamps to prevent any kind of ink soaking to the laser printer fusers.

Apart from this characteristic, Su Papel S.A. is the only graphic company of continuous forms that has a CTP equipment to put down the printing presses. All this allows us to deliver a product of the highest quality, optimizing manufacturing and delivery times.


  • Pre printed paper reel forms for laser printing
  • Pre printed paper reams for laser printing
  • Unprinted reams
  • Application of safety backgrounds (guillotte - micro letters - null backgrounds)
  • Safety Inks (fugitive, reactive, anti copy inks and toner).