Documents Digitalization

More space, time and safety

Conversion of documentation of your company in digital media allows the storage of high volume of documents in reduced spaces, locating data in networks or servers and allowing access to information from any place, entering into specially designed portals, 7 days a week /365 a year.

In this way you will reduce the time invested in document searching, saving time and achieving more safety on the information.

By this service, your data is protected since recovery of information is guaranteed. So you will stop worrying about human mistakes, virus attacks, safety infractions and even about natural disasters.

Storage of physical parts

To provide more safety, all physical documentation already digitalized is packed and stored in boxes without identification as regards product or customer name, only labeled with a bar code that can be interpreted by our stock system.

Besides, our plant has a modern fire network monitoring and permanent surveillance 7 weeks a day / 365 a year.

Technical aspects

We provide two service options: digitalization by camera or by (Cannon or Kodak) scanners.

Digitalization by the camera is made by a platform with a set of led lighters, lens and digital cameras, operated by a console with recognition software. It receives documents through a feeder and a ribbon, they go under a capture system and the rest of the process is made by the software designed for the application.

After recognition of files and databases through the scanner or by means of the camera they are administered, so that customer can consult documents and even reprint them in his own office via web. The service includes filing and storage of physical parts.

Recognition software has a wide vision in its recognition capacity being able of decoding the captured image not only in alphanumeric characters but also in a wide range of different kind of codes.