Control by Vision

BCR/OCR Digital solutions provided by Su Papel represent a complete line of applications based on artificial vision. Through its intuitive and simple user interface we can control all the data entrance and exit functions in real time.

  • Linear and 2 D bar code reading (BCR)
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) reading
  • Image capturing and storage
  • Diversion of documents with reading or matching mistakes
  • BCR and OCR sequence control
  • Matching among two or more data (sets) or readings
  • LOG reading reports in txt format with date, work and operator number identification, etc.

Data capturing is made through high resolution cameras with 80 x 100 mm reading areas as standard up to the use of linear cameras with reading areas of up to 500 x 700 mm with special lighting solutions for each case, with Led bars of white, red or infrared lights.


Read & Print & Match, BCR/OCR reading in a document, search in databases and printing related to acknowledgement of receipts and matching between reading and printed data with a deviation of documents with mistakes.

Management and control of sequences in uploaders and folder inserters with capacity of access and control in database.

Management of mail returns with BCR/OCR reading through the window of envelope and lighting system by special led bar for the elimination of ballpoint pens or seals in the reading area. Capture and storage of images for its later manual control.

Verification of the correct operation of the inkjet printer preventing failure by clogged or empty (without ink) injectors.